Srpska Slava


What sign do we make on ourselves to express our faith and invoke the help of God? We do it with the sign of the cross. This is how we make it: we put together the three fingers of the right hand- thumb, index finger and middle finger – so their tops touch each other, and we fold the ring finger and little finger, their tops into the palm of our hand.


The three fingers of our right hand gathered that way touch our forehead, devoting our mind to the Lord (so we can always confess ourselves to Him) saying: ‘In the name of the Father’, then we touch our chest, devoting our heart to the Lord (so we can love Him) saying: ‘and of the Son’, then we touch our rightand our left shoulder respectively, devoting our strength to the Lord (to do what is good) saying: ‘and of the Holy Spirit’, and thus making the sign of the cross on our bodies we say: ‘Amen‘, i.e. ‘So be it‘!


Crossing ourselves this way we express:

1. the faith of one God in the Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (bringing the three fingers of the right hand to a point) and

2. the belief that Our Lord Jesus Christ, who saved us with His sacrifice on the Cross, shall help us!